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The 553rd Reconnaissance Wing has participated in 3 Batcat specific reunions, 2 combined reunions, and one reunion for all who served in Thailand.

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This page is for completed reunions which the 553rd has participated. Click here for Upcoming Batcat and Connie Reunions.

Completed Batcat Get Togethers

553rd Reconaissance Wing 50th Anniversary
Reunion Sept. 28 to Oct./1/2017
Click here for details of the
553rd Recon Wing Batcat 50th Anniversary Reunion.

The 553rd Reconnaissance Wing Detachment 1, and the 554th Reconnaissance Squadron QU-22 Baby Bat 2013 reunion held during the Commemorative Air Force 2013 Airshow at Midland, Texas, was completed October 13, 2013. View the QU-22 Reunion homepage for details. Added 10/17/13, updated 02/04/16.

Cliff Jensen provided details of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Batcat reunions on the 1st Wave Batcat homepage which is now off line. Cliff continues to support the 1st Wave Batcat Facebook Account which is open to ALL those who served with Batcat, the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing. Added 09/30/09, updated 02/04/16.

The All Batcat 2012 Reunion at Las Vegas, Nevada, was completed October 18, 2012. Added 10/21/12, updated 02/04/16.

The All Batcat 2011 Reunion at Orlando, Florida, was completed October 13, 2011. Added 10/17/11, updated 02/04/16.

The 1st Wave Batcats at Las Vegas, Nevada, was completed October 7, 2010. Added 10/18/09, updated 02/04/16.

Cliff Jensen and Rick Weiner organized a get together at the Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Attending were Rick Weiner, Cliff Jensen, Al Pudims, Bob Parmenter and Don(LD) Bokovoy. In addition there was a call in session for other Batcats to telephone in. Here is a synopsis of the 2009 Las Vegas Mini Reunion with a not from Cliff Jensen's wife Chris. Here are some images taken in Las Vegas. Here are the 5 Batcats together with Rio hostess, color about 132K. Lef to Right Al Pudims, Rick Weiner, Marianne Heilig, the events coordinator from the Rio Hotel, Bob Parmenter, Don "LD" Bokovoy, and Cliff Jensen. For her assistance the guys made Rio events cooridnator Marianne Heilig an honoary Batcat with this certificate. Color, about 112K. Here are some views of the event, Bob Parmenter relaxing, color about 115K. Guys making some phone calls in the room, color, about 140K. The Rio's "chow hall", color, about 118K. Added 08/29/09.

553rd Reconaissance Wing Memorial Dedication
and Reunion 8/21 to 8/24/2008
Click here for the
Batcat Plaque Dedication & Reunion Page.


Announced on June 19, 2004, the International Return to Southeast Asia Reunion occurred during October 2005 at Bangkok, Thailand. Jim Traywick, who was assigned to Korat RTAFB while in the USAF, coordinated this effort. Ralph Blankenship and Steve Blankinship, both crew 3, 553rd Reconnaissance Squadron, were able to make it to Thailand for the reunion. Here is an image of Ralph Blankenship at the reunion in Bangkok!!Here is an image of Steve Blankinship, Ralph Blankenship, and Tom at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, with our Thai Korat Air Force Base guides. "They spoke good english and gave us a nice tour of the base. Much of what was there when we were there is still there. But in need of maintenance. The old 553rd & 554th Squadron Headquarters buildings were there as was the Wing Headquarters.But they looked out of use." I understand another 553rd member was also present but I don't have his name yet. FYI the current exchange rate is about 37 Thai Baht to 1 U.S. Dollar (in 1969 it was 20 Baht to one dollar). Very nice hotels in Korat cost about $40 US per night. Take a look here at two of the hotels in Korat, here is the Hermitage Hotel and here is an image of the Rachaphruk Hotel. Added 10/12/04, updated 05/20/11.

2003 Combined Reunion Report

On May 18 through 21, 2003, a Combined 551/552/553 Reunion was held at Reno, Nevada. Checkout and see what happened at the 2003 Combined Reunion here. Last Updated 05/20/11.

2001 Combined Reunion Report

On June 28, 29, 30 and July 1, 2001, a Combined 551/552/553 Reunion was held at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Checkout and see what happened at the 2001 Combined Reunion here. Last Updated 02/27/17.

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