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Korat RTAFB Today
Circa 2000 - 2016

Korat Today area added 8/05/01, Last updated 10/13/17.

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Three homepage visitors, Ron Brown, Gene Ponce and Joe Krussel, have, at separate times, recently revisited Korat RTAFB. Korat continues as an active Royal Thai Air Force Base today. Ron Brown, Gene Ponce and Joe Krussel obtained permission from the base commander to visit, and photograph, the base.

"Then" photos not credited to others on this page were taken by Larry Westin in 1969.

Although this is from the war years (1967-1971), this will give you an idea of Korat's base layout by viewing this Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base Map. Map courtesy of Jim Bartholomew. B&W, about 183K, Added 9/28/02. Although the image is larger in bytes than I normally include, I had to keep it fairly large to read the information.

Ron Brown - 2000 visit
Gene Ponce - 2001 visit
Joe Krussel - 2016 visit

Ron Brown's July, 2000 Visit

Ron Brown visited Korat RTAFB in July 2000. He was allowed on base and took these photographs.

This is a view of the Korat Control Tower July 2000. Added 8/05/01.

During the Batcat years NCO's lived in hootches. While at Korat Ron Brown was able to visit his hootch from 1968. This view shows Ron Brown on the left, Geoff Brown in the center, and Major Prapun Jantawee on the right, infront of my old hootch (July 2000). They are completely solid walled now, and have windows. Plus, tons of trees! Added 8/05/01.

Comparison views of the NCO Hootch area. Then - NCO hootches (1969). And Now - Former NCO Hootches as they are today (July 2000). You may notice the trees have grown considerably, with residents having automobiles immediately next to the hootches! Added 8/05/01.

Comparison views of the Enlisted Barracks area. Then - 554th Recon Squardron Enlisted Barracks (Sept. 1969), And Now - 554th Recon Squadron Former Enlisted Barrackas they are today (July 2000). I find the lack of an end fire escape most interesting. Every photo and or image I have of the barracks shows a fire escape at each end. Added 8/05/01.

Gene Ponce's March, 2001 Visit

Gene lives in Thailand for 8 months of the year, the other 4 months in California. Gene took these images in March 2001.

A current view of the Kaboom Officers Club at Korat RTAFB. Added 8/05/01.

Comparison views of the enlisted club, the Swadee Club. Then - The Swadee Club (1969). And today the Now - view of where the club was, (March 2001) now vacant land! I'm unaware of the reason the Swadee club was torn down. If you know please pass it along and I will include the details here. Added 8/05/01.

Comparison views of the Korat EC-121R Recip Engine shop, parking ramp side. Then - Recip Engine Shop (from Bill Holbrook). And today Today - the Recip Engine shop (March 2001). Added 8/05/01.

Similar views of the Korat EC-121R Phase Dock hangar. Then - Phase Dock Hangar (from Bill Holbrook). And Today Today - Phase Dock Hangar (March 2001). Note the "Then" view is from a different angle than the "Today" view, but you can see the distinctive shape of the hangar doors, and roof top antennas. Added 8/05/01.

Entrance to the 553rd FMS Barracks (March 2001). Added 8/05/01.

Joe and Nalinee Krussel's March, 2016 Visit

A view of the Thai T-33 Gate Guard aircraft at Korat RTAFB. Color, about 122K, Added 10/13/17.

A view of the old 554th Recon Squadron building at Korat RTAFB. Color, about 142K, Added 10/13/17.

A view of the old Life Support Equipment building at Korat RTAFB with the 553rd Recon Squadron building on the far right. Color, about 129K, Added 10/13/17.

A view of the Control Tower at Korat RTAFB still in use today. Color, about 109K, Added 10/13/17.

Some views of the Kaboom Officers Club, all Added 10/13/17:

Two views of the plaque for Roscoe 388th mascot, Color, about 153K. Here is a view of the inscription on the plaque, Color, about 110K. Added 10/13/17.

This images shows a coffee bar/lounge near the flight line. Left to right are Chaiyo (a RTAF pilot), Nalinnee and her niece Jin. Color, about 120K, Added 10/13/17.

This images shows the hootch, building 1127 where Joe Krussel lived during his year at Korat. Color, about 143K, Added 10/13/17.

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