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The party suit information and images were originally with the images of the personnel assigned to the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing. That page first created 07/03/99 as part of the crew picture page, moved to a separate page 07/30/14, Last updated 08/29/14.

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Party Suits at Korat RTAFB

Some individuals had dress or party suits made while at Korat. Korat city had several quality tailor shops. Paul Hasz sent me the first image of a party suit. Then George and Carla Ritter contacted me with several more images. So I've added this page to illustrate some of the party suits. While these suits are similar, you find a lot of individual preferences in these party suits.

Some individuals had dress flight suits such as the one shown here provided by Paul Hasz. This suit shows many of the Batcat patches all on one flight suit. These were sometimes referred to as "party suits." Added 10/15/05, color, about 114K.

Charlotte Holder Clinger shown here in 2002 when she donated her Party Suit to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNC-G) Women Veterans Historical Project. There is a link to the UNC-G online Files on the main opening Batcat homepage. My thanks to Charlotte Holder Clinger for this image. Added 04/19/09, color, about 196K.

George Ritter and his wife Carla, have collected vietnam era party suits and patches for a long time. They sent me the following images of Batcat party suits. This is an image of Don Ewing's yellow party suit wile at Korat with College Eye, and here is a Close up of Don Ewing's yellow party suit showing the patch details, next is a Don Ewing's red party suit wile at Korat with Batcat, and here is a Close up of Don Ewing's red party suit showing the patch details, next is the red Batcat party suit of Ray Franks, and here is a Close up of Ray Franks' red party suit showing the patch details, these images show Dan Kilburn's red Batcat party suit, and here is a Close up of Dan Kilburn's red party suit showing the patch details, and shown here is the last of the extensive collection of Batcat party suits, Major Appling's grey party, and here is a Close up of Major Appling's grey party suit showing the patch details. As you can see from these entries George and Carla Ritter have a large collection of Vietnam era party suits. And what you see here are only those which are connected with Batcat. If you have Vietnam era party suits or patches you may want to sell or trade, or maybe you just have questions about a suit or patch you own, please contact George or Carla Ritter at Added 12/26/05, all images are color, and range in size from bout 40K to 80K.

Russ Perry provided this image of some Party Suits worn in the officers club. My thanks to Russ Perry for this image. Added 08/29/14, color, about 201K.

Here are some views of Lt. Col. Chuck Eklab's Party Suit - this is a close up of his embroidered name. Korat city had several tailor shops capable of making party suits. This image shows the Sri Suwarn tailor store label in Korat city. Tailor shops also created custom made shirts, slacks, suits etc. Here is an overview image of Lt. Col. Chuck Eklab's party suit. Color images, 145, 144K and 378K in size respectively. My thanks to to Jesse on eBay for letting me know he had this party available for auction. Added 08/29/14.

Here are views of Major Bill Tauzel's Party Suit - front view. Here is an image of the back side of Major Bill Tauzel's Party Suit. This party suit displays wing patches for both the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, and the 553rd Reconnaissance wing. The plaque on the left displays the emblem of the 388th TFW. Color images, 176 and 138K in size respectively. I don't know if Major Tauzel was assigned to the 388th TFW or the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing. My thanks to to Steve Kirby for these images. If you can provide more information about Major Tauzel please let me know. Added 08/29/14.

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