The United States Air Force
553rd Reconnaissance Wing
was based at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base
near Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand,
also known as Korat City

This page shows Korat City during the time Batcat was based in Thailand (1967-1972), and also images of Korat City today (2016). Korat City images first added 11/22/99 on the main page, moved to this page 05/06/14, Last updated 10/13/17.

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Images around Korat City 1967-1972 (Then)

Here is a partial Map of Korat city. My thanks to Gary Gaudioso for this map, B&W, about 316K. Added 10/09/11.

Street views of streets at various places around Korat City. Korat City Street image 1. Color, about 362K. Korat City Street image 2. Color, about 261K. Korat City Street image 3. Color, about 246K. Street images taken by Larry Westin. Added 05/06/14.

A different street view around Korat City. Color, about 203K. My thanks to John Anderson for this image. Added 06/27/14.

This is an image of two restaurants next to each other in downtown Korat City which webmaster Larry Westin frequented during his Batcat assignment. Alexander's restaurant on the left, Carlton's restaurant on the right. Larry Westin photo. B&W, about 265K. Added 02/20/16.

Transportation around Korat City. Thai's use a bicycle with a rearseat added for two. They are called Samlar's in Thailand. Color, about 23K. My thanks to Ron Grayson for this image. Added 11/22/99. Here is a closeup view of a Samlar. Color, about 310K. View of Samlar's working on the street. Color, about 348K. Added 05/06/14. Buses were another common way to get around Korat City. Here is a view of a two baht bus in Korat City. Color, about 286K. Images taken by Larry Westin. Added 05/06/14.

There were different type markets around Korat City. Here are some views of individual street vendors selling their food. Street vendor view 1, color about 85K. Street vendor view 2, color about 88K. My thanks to David Pipher for these images. Added 03/18/06. Here is another view of Street vendors selling food. Image taken by Larry Westin. Color, about 278K. Added 05/06/14.

There were big inside markets around Korat City as well. Here are some views of the larger inside markets. Inside a market view 1. Color, about 283K. Here is another view of Inside a market view 2. Color, about 251K. Images were taken on Ektachrome slide film. In the late 1960's there were 2 types of common color slide film, Kodacolor and Ektachrome. Kodacolor was ASA 25 film, while Ektachrome was ASA 64. These images were shot with Ektachrome, however the slow speed of the film causes some blurring on interior views where lighting in limited. Images taken by Larry Westin. Added 05/06/14.

Thai school children wear uniforms to school. Here is a view of Thai children at school during recess. My thanks to Bernie Rattay, Color, about 120K. Added 09/13/09. A view of Thai Boy Scouts and other children on the street. Image taken by Larry Westin. Color, about 270K. Added 05/06/14. Here is a small girl playing in Korat City. My thanks to David Pipher for this image. Color, about 141K. Added 03/18/06.

Some views of monument and temples around Korat City. Lady Mo Monument. This temple honors Lady Mo, the wife of the deputy governor at the time, who is credited with having freed the city from Anouvong's army, and has been honored with a statue in the center of downtown Korat, color, about 252K. Buddist Temple in Korat City, color, about 193K. Another Buddist Temple in Korat City. Many weddings and funerals occurred at this temple. Color, about 263K. Images taken by Larry Westin. Added 05/06/14.

Just outside of Korat City was farm land. Water buffalo were often used on the farms around Korat City. My thanks to Ron Grayson, Color, about 120K. Added 11/22/99. Many farms grew rice. Nearby farm to Korat City, color, about 239K. Another nearby farm to Korat City, color, about 209K. These were taken out of the window of a taxi. Last two images taken by Larry Westin. Added 05/06/14.

Images around Korat City 2005-2016 (Now)
See if you notice any differences

Here are some images of Korat City taken much more recently. Gives you a good idea of the changes which have taken place.

Hotels have improved considerably in Korat City. Here is an image of the Rachaphruk Grand Hotel, at 311 Mittaphap Road, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand. Rates begin at about $35 USD. Color, about 63K. Added 2005. Another hotel in Korat City is the Hermitage Hotel, at 725/2 Thaosura Rd, Muang, 30000 Nakhonratchasima. Color, about 272K. Added 2005. These two hotels were used for the 2005 Return to Southeast Asia reunion.

Vernon Pobanz with his wife Dow live part of each year in the town of Chok Chai, about 30 kilometers south of Korat. Vernon was with the 42 TEWS which were the EB-66's that were on the flight line next to the EC-121's at Korat AFB from 1970 to 1972. These modern day images of Korat were taken between 2009 and 2014. The date shown is that when I added these images to this homepage.

Traffic is now a big problem in Korat City. These images give you an idea. Modern thorough fare through Korat City view 1, taken from a bridge over looking the thorough fare. Color, about 144K. View of the same thorough fare looking in the other direction, color, about 151K. My thanks to Vernon Pobanz for these images. Added 05/06/14.

Some views taken around Korat City. First image shows driving through Korat City, color, about 216K. Here is a view of a St. Marys Hospital shown during Christmas time, color, about 182K. My thanks to Vernon Pobanz for these images. Added 05/06/14.

Naturally there is now a mall at Korat City. This view shows the central area of the maill beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. Color, about 272K. Here is a view of the waterfall in the mall next to the food court. Color, about 98K. My thanks to Vernon Pobanz for these images. Added 05/06/14.

Joe Krussel with his wife Nalinee Krussel took these images during their March 2016 visit to Korat City and Korat RTAFB.

Here is a view of a Salmar in Korat City. Color, about 121k. Here is another view of a Salmar parked in Korat City. Color, about 136K. Samlars were very common during the War years, today they are a very rare sight. My thanks to Joe and Nalinee Krussel for these images. Added 10/13/17.

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