The United States Air Force
553rd Reconnaissance Wing
Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base
and their Lockheed EC-121R Aircraft

553rd Reconnaissance Wing
Batcat Museum - Culpeper, Virginia

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Batcat Museum area added 10/05/13, Last updated 02/06/18.

Hank Smith

Welcome to the Batcat Museum Located in Culpeper, Virginia at the East Coast Batcat Barracks. The museum is located in the private home of Batcat Museum curator Hank Smith shown at right.

IMPORTANT the Batcat Museum is located in Hank Smith's private home. Visitors are welcome to visit by first making Prior Arrangements by contacting curator Hank Smith before arriving. A link to email Hank Smith is at the bottom of this page.

The Batcat Museum contains both original 553rd Reconnaissance Wing Batcat era 1967 to 1971 items, copies of orders, items from the Batcat Dedication and reunion, and other reunions which Batcat's have participated.

Batcat Museum views

Museum Display Wall 1 Museum Display Wall 2

Display wall views taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 3 Museum Display Wall 4

Two more display views taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 5 Museum Display Wall 6

EC-121R Painting and NCO Club menu taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 7 Museum Display Wall 8

Survival Training began at Otis AFB, MA, USAF survival knife taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 9 Museum Display Wall 10

Personal Survival Recommendations, USAF info on how to use your parachute taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 11 Museum Display Wall 12

Blood Chit when parachuting out over enemy teritory, Memorial Services for Batcats killed taken Feb 5, 2018

Museum Display Wall 11 Museum Display Wall 12

Hats worn by Richard Weiner on left and R.J. Spencer on right

These Batcat's have made donations to the Museum

The following individuals have donated items to the museum:

1. Willy Wilcox's Flag (by Mrs. Wilcox)
2. Robbie Robinson
3. Bob MMansfield
4. Bob Malone
5. Mike Rubin
6. Cliff Jensen
7. Frank Butler
8. Major Joe Reed
9. Lt. RJ Spencer
10. Iggy Scheithauer
11. Lynn Gates
12. Sonjia Smith (re J. J. Smith)
13. LTC John Nienstedt
14. Joe Hackling
15. LTC Charles Walter
16. Bob Bulen
17. Gary Lowe
18. Don Langland (orders)
19. Richard Ertz
20. Tom Pera
21. Bob Langenhan
22. Bob Pruiksma
23. Jake Awalt
24. Rich Weiner
25. Hank Smith
26. Denny Phillips
27. Mike Sullivan
28. Stu Whipple
29. Mrs Dadre McCreary Mathews
30. Larry Westin

To donate, or make arrangements to visit the Batcat Mueum, please first contact
Hank Smith via email at and

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