The United States Air Force
553rd Reconnaissance Wing
Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

Satellite Views 2012

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Korat Satellite View area added 09/04/12, Last updated 09/30/12.

The images which follow came from using Google map to view Korat, then switching to the satellite view of the map area. I downloaded these images during September 2012, however I don't know precisely when they were taken.

Although this is from the war years (1967-1971), this will give you an idea of Korat's base layout by viewing this Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base Map. Map courtesy of Jim Bartholomew. B&W, about 183K, Added 09/28/02.

David Sasiela sent information that these satellite views were taken January 30, 2011. Added 09/30/12

Korat RTAFB views
from Google Map Satellite views

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