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Models of the Lockheed EC-121R

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This page has information and images of models of the Lockheed EC-121R Batcat as flown by the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing. Both static display and radio controlled flying models are shown on this page. Including the availability of custom made models.

Information of static display
Lockheed EC-121R models
Plastic 1:144 EC-121R model

Minicraft has now has a Plastic model of the Lockheed EC-121R "Batcat" aircraft. Here is a view of the EC-121R model box. Minicraft provides decals for different serial numbers including the "Da Nang Glider." My thanks to Cliff Jensen for letting me know of the availability of this model. Model box image is color, about 31K, added 03/23/15.

Images of static display diecast
Lockheed EC-121R models

Corgi Die Cast 1:144 EC-121R model

Corgi manufactured a limited edition of 1,700 die cast models of the Lockheed EC-121R, 1:144 scale, painted as serial number 67-21484. Model can be configured with landing gear up mounted on a stand, or with landing gear down standing on it's own gear. Here is a view of webmaster Larry Westin's Corgi model in the box. Here is another view of webmaster Larry Westin's Corgi die cast EC-121R model standing on it's own landing gear. Both images color, about 43K and 165K respectively. Corgi has completed production of this model, however you can often find this model available on eBay. Added 03/07/05, updated 07/03/14.

Hobby Master Die Cast 1:200 EC-121R
Da Nang Glider 67-21487 model

Hobby Masters has a new diecast model of the EC-121R Da Nang Glider USAF 67-21487. This model is in 1:200 scale making the wing span about 7 1/2 inches. This Hobby Master model is available in the United States from Historic Aviation in Minnesota. Here is an image of the Da Nang Glider diecast model. My thanks to Mason Ezzell, who was the pilot flying the Da Nang Glider when all four engines stopped inflight, for letting me know about this model. Image is color, about 2787K, added 04/28/16.

Custom Models Available for
the Lockheed EC-121R and other EC-121 models
Mahogany Wood 1:72 EC-121 models

William "Randy" Randolph custom builds different models, including a number of different models of the Lockheed EC-121 aircraft. Models are made of mahogany in 1:72 scale. Here are some images of recently completed custom models. First image shows a 1/2 Front view of EC-121R model. Note the detail to antennas with this model having the UHF blade antennas, HF long wire antennas, the FM antennas on the outboard vertical stabilizers and the RHAW radar homing antennas. See also the added information on the stand. Second image shows an underside front view of the EC-121R. Note landing gear door detail, as well as ADF loop antennas, and marker beacon antennas. Here is a view of an EC-121D Early Radar Warning model. Note the height finder antenna on top of the fuselage. Here is a view of an EC-121T Early Radar Warning model. Note this "T" model doesn't have the top of fuselag height finder antenna. Both the "D" and "T" models have the latter anti lightning tip tanks. Here is an image of a C-121G Transport of the Lockheed Super Constellation. William "Randy" Randolph builds other types of models as well, see the 12 O'Clock High homepage for additioinal details. "Randy" can be reached via email by clicking Custom built model info added 06/11/16.
Direct Contact Information is:
William J. Randolph Jr. (Randy)
12 O'Clock High (President/owner)
8777 Noroad, Jacksonville, Fl 32210
Home (904) 317-8618
Mobile (904) 803-5492
email -
homepage -

Images of static display
Lockheed EC-121R models
Mahogany Wood 1:72 EC-121R model

Mahogany wooden Lockheed 1049G models in 1:72 scale are available from the Philippine Islands through many dealers. Most of these models are in airline livery, and the TWA 1049G model comes with both tip tanks and a radar nose. Here is a view of a TWA Lockheed 1049G with display stand. You can find this model in other airline liveries. Of course a skilled model builder is needed repaint the airplane and add antennas to make it into an EC-121R. Color, about 147K. Added 07/02/14.

Over the years Batcat Bill Holbrook, 553rd EMS, modified a number of the above 1049G wooden models into EC-121R configuration. This is a view of TWA Lockheed 1049G modified to an EC-121R - view 1. Color, about 87K. Here is a different image of 1049G modified into an EC-121R - view 2. Color, about 78K. The model now has camouflage paint, with several antennas including the HF long wire, VHF and UHF blade antennas, and RHAW (Radar Homing and Warnbing) antennas. Window configuration changed from airline to EC-121R. Model built by Bill Holbrook, photographs of the model taken by Larry Westin. Added 07/02/14.

Batcat Bill Holbrook also built an EC-121R model for the silent auction at the 2008 Batcat Dedication and Reunion at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. Bill modified another wooden model into an EC-121R with landing gear down sitting on a wood base. Color, about 189K. Here is another image of the EC-121R Bill built for the 2008 Dedication and Reunion with landing gear down. Color, about 196K. Model built by Bill Holbrook, photographs of the model taken by Larry Westin. Added 07/02/14.

Images and Information of David Payne's hand
built 1:16 scale Lockheed EC-121R R/C model
See below YouTube videos for David's next EC-121R model

David Payne, who lives in Oregon, built this 1:16 scale radio control of the Lockheed EC-121R Batcat aircraft. This particular model depicts airplane 67-21493. EC-121R, 67-21493, flying as Batcat 21 was lost on April 25, 1969 with all 18 crew members on board killed.

Here are some specifics about this particular model:

Wingspan is 7.5 feet, length about 7 feet, which makes it approximately a 1:16 scale model. Actual airplane is 123.5 foot wingspan, 116 foot length.

Take off weight is 12 to 14 pounds. Actual airplane maximum takeoff weight is typically about 135,000 pounds (varies with equipment and mission length).

Powered with 4 electric motors with a total of 1.2 kw of power. With a total power of 1.2 Kw total power (all 4 motors), this translates into a total of about 1.6 horsepower (using 746 watts DC per horsepower), or about .4 horsepower per engine. Energy to drive the motors is from a battery pack.

Airplane is equipped with full function flight controls (aileron, elevator, throttles, rudders, retractable gear, flaps, functional oleo strut legs and on-board HD video cameras). The plane also has fully functional landing, taxi, navigation, beacon, strobe and ACL lighting.

David Payne built this radio control (R/C) model. This view shows an early test taxi run with lights illuminated at night. Color, about 143K. Added 07/02/14.

Here are additional images taken later with the R/C EC-121R now with camouflage paint and antennas. One half front view of the EC-121R now with camouflage paint. Color, about 108K. Here is another view showing a One half rear view of the EC-121R, look closely and you can see the FM whip antennas on the top of the outboard vertical stabilizers. Color, about 56K. Here is an overhead view of the EC-121R. Color, about 88K. This view shows exhaust gas marks from the number 1 engine, also note the deicer boots. Color, about 378K. These images taken by David Payne, images Added 07/02/14.

Shown here are some images of a flight. Taxi out for takeoff, note partial flaps down 20% for take off. Color, about 190K. The R/C EC-121R lifts off the ground. Color, about 144K. EC-121R during a low level fly by, landing gear now retracted. Color, about 45K. View of the EC-121R taxing back after landing. Color, about 186K. This view gives an idea of the size of the airplane. Here Bernie Boland (national champion many times over) who coaches David Payne on flight manuevers. Color, about 175K. Images courtesy of David Payne. Added 07/11/14.

During his first competition with the airplane, David Payne won first prize with a maximum possible static score and respectable precision flying scores. The first place win qualified David for his first time out for the national championship. This image shows the EC-121R with the award. Color, about 246K. Here is a view of David Payne's First Place award for his EC-121R model. Color, about 129K. Added 07/02/14.

This is an YouTube video of the EC-121R doing a night taxi test.

This is an YouTube video of the maiden flight of David Payne's EC-121R.

YouTube video at the veterans memorial fly-in where
David Payne's EC-121R connie took 1st place "military" and Best of show!

Images and Information of David Payne's next
EC-121R R/C model hand built to 1:10.5 scale

David Payne provided this information about his next EC-121R R/C model - I am building a new larger scale EC-121R. Will likely be tail number 67-21485. It will be 140" wingspan and 128" long. Covered in thin real aluminum panels and then painted the SE Asia camo. Everything will be detailed to make the plane look real including taxi lights, nav lights, beacons, scale landing gear, real fowler flaps, weather and exhaust staining/oil stains etc. Powered by 4 X 2kw motors. Ramp weight is estimated to be 50 lbs.

The plane will be competing in US Scale Masters (hopefully Summer of 2016).

Dave Payne

This image shows the EC-121R construction so far next to a car for a size comparison. Color, about 369K, Added 09/12/15.

EC-121R landing gear with air oil strut extended. Color, about 169K, Added 09/12/15.

Landing gear showing retract mechanisim. Color, about 139K, Added 09/12/15.

Unpainted engine cowling. Color, about 130K, Added 09/12/15.

Side view of the Engine cowling now painted camoflauge. Color, about 149K, Added 09/12/15.

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