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Trying to remember who someone is or where they are now? This page will provide for an area to try and locate lost friends. Looking For Others area added 4/17/00, Last updated 10/13/17.

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Henry S. Humphrey is looking to make contact with anyone who knew him at Korat RTAFB. He was a TSgt. radio operator and check operator with 553rd Reconnaissance Wing 1969-1970. Here is an image of TSgt. Henry S. Humphrey at the back of his hootch. That is TSgt. Humphrey closest to the fence performing extra curricular activities. Contact is needed to help Humphrey with his VA claim. You can email Henry Humphrey at, or telephone Henry at (228) 207-8869. Added 10/13/17.

Jerry Peppenger is looking to make contact with Mike Osborne, who was a RMT and was on crew 37, blond headed guy who said he was from Scotland. I last saw Mike at Keesler AFB in 1971. If you know Mike Osborne, or know who to contact him, please email Jerry Peppenger at, or telephone Jerry at (228) 343-6221. Added 08/27/17.

Mark Hollingworth is looking to contact anyone who served with his father William R. "Holly" Hollingsworth. William Hollingsworth was an EC-121R flight engineer, at Korat during 1970, and he also served as the senior enlisted advisor. William Hollingsworth passed away January 8, 1994.
Mark Hollingsworth, William Hollingsworth's son, would like to hear from anyone who served with his father. Contact Mark via email at and Or by telephone at (870) 656-7302 - Mark Hollingsworth looking for others request added 09/25/15.

Linda Donley, wife of Batcat Ron Donley who passed away 01/23/11, would like to hear from anyone who knew Ron Donley. Ron worked with the 553rd Field Maintenance Squadron engine shop on the flight line and phase docks. From Sept 1968 to August 1969 at Korat RTAFB with the 553 FMS engine shop. Ron Donley was part of the group from the FMS squadron who was sent to Da Nang, Vietnam in June 1969 to trouble shoot and repair the "Da Nang Glider" incident. Would especially like to hear from others who also went to Da Nang to service the "Da Nang Glider." Check here for details of the "Da Nang Glider" incident. If you can help please contact Linda Donley via email at and This Linda Donley looking for others request added 11/06/14, updated 11/09/14.

Jeff Tyler would like to hear from anyone who knew he father, Kenneth M. Tyler who was a flight engineer with the 554th Reconnaissance Squadron April 1970 to December 1970. If you knew Ken Tyler please contact Jeff Tyler via email at Added 11/17/13.

Dadre Dean McCreary, daughter of Batcat Richard Dean McCreary, would like to hear from anyone who knew her father. Richard was a Connie pilot at Korat from December 1969 to June 1970 with the 554th Reconnaissance squadron. Richard retired a Lt. Col. If you can help please contact Dadre via email, at Added 10/21/12.

My father Thomas K. "TK" Smith was assigned to Korat between 1965-1968. His rank at the time would be A1C or Sgt. He was assigned to USAF Security Service. Our family was based at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, and Dad would go to Korat / Thailand TDY at various times. My sister and I were too young to remember much as we were in 1st or 3rd Grade at the time. Did anyone know him? If so, can you tell me anything about him? FYI: He stayed in the USAF for 29 years, retired a CMSGT, I'm his son, Tom Smith retired from the USAF at 24 years (SMSgt), and his daughter Debbie retired at 21 years (LTC) from the USAF. We are both curious to know what he did during the Vietnam War. Any information is most appreciated. Please contact us via email, at Added 08/04/11.

Dave Ortman is trying to locate anyone who knew his father Frank Ortman. Frank Ortman was a 663rd Reconnaissance Wing pilot between May 1968 and June 1969. If you can provide any information about Frank Ortman, please contact his sone Dave Ortman via email, at Thank you. Added 07/04/11.

Trying to contact Bill Gronto, who worked in the 553rd Electronic Maintenance Squadron (EMS) Navigation shop, 1967 to 1968. Please email Richard "Dick" Anderson at if you have any information about Bill Gronto. Thank You. Added 04/27/11, udated 07/07/13. UPDATE - Anderson has made contact with Bill Gronto!!.

Looking for Sgt Henry (Hank) Isleib, a CIM with 553 RS. Please email Alvin Teel at if you can provide any information. Added 12/25/09.

Looking for William (Bill) Klein who was a Sgt. in the EMS radio shop from Nov. 1968 through Oct. 1969. He was my best friend and best man at my wedding. If anyone has info concerning Bill, please contact me, John W. Reichenbach at Thank you. Added 07/24/09.

Looking for Paul E. Chanberlain, SSgt from the Recip Engine Shop in Korat from around June 1969. He was one of the persons I went TDY with to Danang to work on the "Danang Glider." He was my NCOIC. If you can help please contact Ron Donley Thank you. Added 03/09/09.

Looking for those who knew my father, SSgt Paul M. Flowers III, USAF. He was a crew chief at Nakhom Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base during 1968 to 1969, then onto Hill AFB. He was from Hershey, Pennsylvania. He died in 1983. Anyone who knew SSgt. Paul Flowers please contact his son SSgt. Eric P. Flowers, USAR, via email at Thank you. Added 12/19/08.

Looking for those who knew my father, Lt. Col. William C. McCormick, Jr. He was a navigator with the 554th Reconnaissance Squadron, killed on the April 25, 1969 crash at Korat. Here is an image of Lt. Col. McCormick, possibly taken during the Korean War. This is another image taken with family. Appreciate hearing for anyone who my father. Please contact Leslie McCormick at Thank you. Added 09/12/08.

Looking for information on 1/Lt George Ringhoffer. He was one of the navigators on my crew, 554th RCS, in late 1968. Had heard he later went to pilot training and was killed in an F-4 accident while flying out of Sembach AB, Germany. If anyone can provide additional information please contact J.J. Smith, Lt Col, USAF, Retired. Webmaster note J.J. Smith passed away June 23, 2009. Added 09/12/08, updated 11/09/09.

My name is Gunlayanee (Kanya). I am from Korat Thailand. I had left Thailand since 1976, went back to helped mom on her visa in 1978 and never been back since. Since my father has passed away 10 years ago I had lost all contact with my 1/2 brother and sister. The old addresses I have are no longer valid. My sisters name is Nilawan Chunchor and my brothers name is Vilachi Chunchor. If anyone can help Kanya locate her sister and/or brother, please contact her at UPDATE - Kanya has made contact with her sister and brother, thank you for your help!!. Added 04/20/08, updated 11/09/09.

Stephen Gary Johnston, a U.S. Army veteran, now living in Northern Ireland, is searching for photographs of pilots and aircrew.  This is a hobby he started in 1990.  If you can provide a photograph, preferrably signed, you can send it to him at:
Stephen Gary Jonston
12 Beechgrove
Northern Ireland
BT25  1BS 
Or you can email Stephen Gary Johnston at  When possible these are displayed at the Warbird Museum in Northern Ireland. Added 02/03/07.

John Given is looking for information from anyone who knew he father, Lt. Col. Walter M. Given III.  Walter Given was at Korat from Dec. 1970 to Dec. 1971, he was the 553rd Reconnaissance Squadron commander during the second half of his tour at Korat.  John's father, Walter Given, passed away in 2000, but he and his brothers would love to talk with anyone that served with or knew his dad. If you can provide any information please contact John Given at All help is appreciated. Added 10/06/06.

Batcat Phil Miller, 553 Field Maintenance Squadron, air frame repair shop, an early arrival who was part of the deployment to Eglin AFB.  Please see the attached image, florida2.jpg.  Trying to identify all the individuals in this photo taken July 1967 (developed in August 67) at Eglin AFB, Florida. Phil is in the center foreground. Others which are known are:  individual with the white shirt on the right is identified by his last name only as Gould, blond haired man on the stairs, center with the glasses is identiried as "Junior", Harord Barnes,  and Josh Gavin is the man above Phil Miller.  If you can provide any information about those in the photo, please contact Phil Miller  your help is appreciated.Added 07/07/05.

Batcat John D. LaBonte, a Receip mechanic assigned to the 553rd FMS November 1969 to November 1970, is looking for Sgt. Randolph W. Heimann, also known as "Herbie." Believe he later made TSgt.  If you can provide any information about Randolph Heimann, please contact John LaBonte Added 10/19/03. UPDATE - contact has been made, thank you for your help!! Updated 02/18/07.

Batcat Joe Gonzales, a Radio Maintenance Technician on crew 26, at Korat from September 1968 through July 1969, is looking for two former crew members.  If you can provide any information about William Prescott a CIM, or Ray Carlston a Radio Operator, please contact Joe Gonzales at All help is appreciated. Added 06/25/03, updated 12/23/07.

Please take a look at this flightcrew photo. Although the back drop says Chani Mai, it was actually taken at Korat. First name of the man with glasses and red hair is Oscar. He married the gal without the hat whose name is Dien Jai. First name of the man standing without glasses is John. John and Oscar were flightcrew at Korat and lived off base, enjoyed riding motorcycles. If you can help with names and/or current locations please contact Leroy Moberley at NEW INFORMATION on 01/09/01 - thanks to input from Bob Malone and Dan Brust, it is now known the man with the glasses is named Oscar W Kendell, AF18499082. MORE NEW INFORMATION on 05/02/02 - from information now available, Leroy believes that the name of the individual without glasses is John W. Baldwin, AF10121644. If you can provide more information please e-mail Leroy Moberley. Leroy is married to the girl in the photo with the hat, they have been trying to find these old friends for years. Hope you can help. Added 4/17/00, Updated 05/02/02.

Do you have any info on a good friend of mine that was a Batcat, Donald Trollinger. He was in the 554th with me and departed back to the states around April or May of 1970? If so, I would like to get his address if possible. If you have any information that can help please contact Eddie Vickers at Added 6/7/00.

Wendy Rohde-Studebaker is searching for information about her father, Lt. Col. Frederick H. Rohde, assigned to the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing as 554th Recon Squadron Commander 1969-1970. Col. Rohde died in 1984.  Wendy has assembled the following information about  Lt. Col. Frederick H. Rohde from his service record. If you can provide any additional details please contact Wendy Rohde-Studebaker at airone2one@cgmailbox.comAdded 05/02/02.

Here is an Internet site which can help locate both present and past members of the USAF. Check out: Charlie Jones unofficial USAF locator at URL www.usaf-locator.comAdded 07/05/00.

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